Coping with housing problems can be stressful but we’re here to help. From dealing with crappy landlords, struggling to pay the rent or finding a place to stay for the night if you’re homeless, we have the information and support that you need.

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Your Voices

Bugs. So. Many. Bugs.

When moving into a house make sure the landlord has done the maintenance. Read More

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Your Voices

Forget Where's Wally... Where's Everything?!

I moved. Last week. For the first time. In my life. Read More

Your Voices

More drama than an episode of Eastenders

Lodging rather than living with other students was a big mistake. Read More

Your Voices

Moving out

The positives and the negatives told from my uni experience. Read More

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Your Voices

Could have been better, could have been worse...

I expected moving to university to be life-changing, but luck was not on my side at first. Read More

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Your Voices

No regrets

I was comfortable and happy at home. It was an easy life. Read More

Your Voices

Daunting but a great experience!

I moved out of home to go to Uni. Read More

Your Voices

Unfortunate events

It's all fun and games until something unexpected occurs. Read More

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Your Voices

Change: moving out

Life always changes. Read More

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Your Voices

I wish we checked the cupboard!

Always put together a list of things to do before you move in. Read More

don't follow me. i'm lost.
Your Voices

Be prepared

Moving from a small village to London was a bit overwhelming. Read More

Your Voices

Home alone (what now?!?!)

Now you have to experience the rocky road that they call tenancy. Read More

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