Young, Clueless and Living Alone

I was sent on a crazy crazy journey into life with so many unexpected turns and curve balls. Still fighting but I'm also still here

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24, female
I want to help someone in any way I can with all my funny life stories LOL. Hope you enjoy :D

A few months after turning 17 years old I was sent on my way as the family I was living with at the time could not afford to keep me in their home anymore.

I was brought to the council by my connexions advisor and was put into a hostel which I would stay a fee months before moving to a hostel for young people as it was more suitable for my age.

At first living Alone was fun, I was in education so I was receiving income support at the time and also housing benefits. So really my send was about £5 per week, I knew how to cook so I would buy food as I went along. A fee months later I was moved to the young people's hostel where my rent went up to £6 per week (no biggy).

Eventually I got my bidding number and I started bidding for a flat....7 months after that I got my flat literally 10 days before my 18th birthday.

But nobody prepared me for what it was to live alone. I got all the stuff I had observed from the numerous people I had lived with. The sky, the phone, everything. But I didn't know how to structure bills, I didn't know that I really should have left those luxury things until I'd sorted my finances.

6 years down the line I am just starting to stand on my feet and life has thrown me another major curve ball. But I really want to help other young people who were sheltered before going to live on their own and have not been told about all the stuff I had to learn on my own. It really isn't easy living Alone.

But you can do it. Even when it gets stressful and you break down. You can do it. You may not know me but I'm rooting for you ??

Published on 08-Nov-2017

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