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Welcome to The Mix’s sex and relationships advice. We want to help you have better relationships in your life, whether that’s with your partner, friends or family. Nothing is off-limits in our sex advice; we have everything from the virginity myth and choosing the right contraception to bondage experiments and avoiding STIs.

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It wasn't supposed to happen this way

My dad had been bugging me for days about what was upsetting me. Read More

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It's not always great

My coming out story is a warning, and I hope no one makes the mistakes I did. Read More

Your Voices

Depression and anxiety affecting my relationship

Depression and anxiety affecting my relationship Read More

Your Voices

My BF and our mental health

My boyfriend and I both have depression, but together we are pulling through Read More

Your Voices


I'm in a long term relationship but my head is somewhere else. Read More

Your Voices

A typical teenage coming out

All my life I've always looked at girls differently; but I never noticed it growing up. Read More

Your Voices

It's not always one side...

Me and my boyfriend have OSDD-1 and psychosis, respectively, amongst other disorders. Sometimes we struggle to see eye-to-eye, but generally we manage to be a better leaning post for each other than anyone else we… Read More

Your Voices


A great way to communicate with friends and family, and find funny and relatable posts. Read More

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