Moving house

When I was first moving I found it exciting because we were going to move from a flat into a house. This meant we had a garden and could have our own bird flight in our garden, could have a shed for the rabbits, ferret and guinea pigs and could plant veg and flowers.

When we were in the flat we couldn't keep animals such as rabbits and birds. My father however did have land that is friend allowed him to use for is birds.

Moving in to an house though meant my dad could make his own shed and own bird flight cage. He had his flight cage in the shed and a bigger one out in the garden where he drilled a hole inside the flight cage so the birds could go inside and outside.

When we were in the flat my dad had a rabbit on the land. The thing was he had to go to see the birds and rabbit every day to see if they had enough food and plenty of water. This meant he was getting home quite late but moving into an house meant that he didn't have to go anywhere to feed his own birds so moving house would make it much easier.

When we moved house later on we bought some rabbits, some more birds, guinea pigs and a cat. There was a lot of good things about moving in to an house from a flat. The hardest thing however was knowing where to start, what room to clear first ready to move the stuff into our new home and also the fear of leaving something behind.

The moving was quite stressful because it was in the summer and my parents had been in the flat for 8 years. It was also hard getting everything in our new house. Getting things through the front door was a nightmare and it was extremely hard getting the freezer and fridge freezer through the corridor to the kitchen because of how narrow the kitchen was. It was also difficult getting the beds up the stairs.

Published on 09-Apr-2016

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