Hi my name is Maggie and I was 56 yesterday , normally a happy go lucky person , thoughtful of others and there feelings and would be very positive normally

I lived in California , moved there when I was about 20 , I got married then found out he was a pedofile and divorced him, I then married again and did not know I had just married an alcoholic , my father passed away and left me money so I brought a house I lost that house and my whole life as my husband at the time stopped paying the bills , as he was violent I fled California and came home thinking my family would help , they didn't , I went to the doctors and bumped in to the most wonderful man and we married and spent 7 years of bliss , he died in 2014 of pancreatic cancer I was devestated , I reached out and found a friend hopeing that I had found a new boyfriend but he can not be intimate always sends nice cards but is cold as ice and will not open up and talk to me , so here I am in a little village in LLandrillo north wales alone living in a council bungalow I hardly hear from anyone and even if my friend douse come to visit he is still an ice cub and will not talk about how he feels , I suffer from migraines and fibromyalgia and that affects my mobility , I don't have an English driving licence but try to get around by bus . I can't stop crying I am not used to being on my own I am used to lots of friends who are all back in California , I know no one here I need a new soul mate as I need a kind loving relationship to make me whole again

Published on 04-Jun-2018

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